What’s your effect on others?

Have you ever thought about the long-lasting impact of your words and actions? Because of you, people can feel empowered and loved, but also insecure and hurt. Even the smallest words and actions, whether online or in person, can have a big effect. Watch how we surprised teens at a career counseling session with a message from the future.

Be the change

Take a minute to ask yourself—what impact are my actions having? Most of us are well-intentioned and try to do the right thing, but nobody's perfect. Even small missteps can have consequences that we don't expect.

Use the cards below to gut check your behaviors and get tips on how to use your words and actions to support those around you.

Because of You

Everything you say and do has an impact on those around you. Before you say or do something, think about how you might make others feel.

The Honest Yearbook

Often, we don't realize how powerful our actions are and how they can affect others. We surprised a group of high school students at their yearbook photo shoot to capture the real impact they have on each other.


Everyone has a story about how someone else's words affected them in a positive or negative way. Explore the videos below to understand how small actions can have a big impact.

Lonnie Chavis

Actor Lonnie Chavis tells his story to speak out against bullying.

Jenn McAllister

YouTuber and actress Jenn McAllister shares her story to help prevent bullying.

James Charles

Content creator and makeup artist James Charles shares his story to stand up to bullying.

Jacob Sartorius

Musician Jacob Sartorius shares his story to help address bullying.