About because of you

Because of You is a movement that encourages teens to reflect on the power of their words and actions and consider how they are affecting others.
The term Bullying has come to reflect a specific situation that does not always connect to the general culture of meanness which many teens experience daily.  While only one-third of teens list bullying as a top concern today, twice as many say they regularly experience more specific behaviors like drama, teasing, and exclusion. Adults often talk about bullies, bystanders and victims, but the lines are not so clear. Every day, we all have the opportunity to make someone else’s day better or worse.
By encouraging self-reflection and focusing on specific actions, our goal is to inspire this generation to create a more empathetic and inclusive culture around them.
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Our partners

Be Strong logo

Be Strong

Be Strong is a national non-profit organization focused on preventing bullying. Be Strong uses a comprehensive student-led approach to: encourage ALL​ students to reveal challenges they are facing, train and equip students to become more resilient, arm them with access to local services and organizations that can help, and unite them to change their families, schools, communities, states, and country.

Born This Way Foundation logo

Born This Way Foundation

Founded by Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta in 2012, Born This Way Foundation is committed to supporting the wellness of young people, and empowering them to build a kinder and braver world. They do this by working directly with young people and by leveraging innovative programming, quality research, and authentic partnerships.

GLSEN Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network logo

GLSEN Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network

GLSEN is the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools for all students by developing school climates where difference is valued. GLSEN envisions a world in which every child learns to respect and accept all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

No Bully logo

No Bully

No Bully is a nonprofit organization that ignites compassion to eradicate bullying and cyberbullying worldwide. Founded in 2003, No Bully was started by a collaborative team of educators, psychologists and lawyers committed to building a kinder and more compassionate world through ending the crisis of bullying in schools and online. No Bully serves 326 schools and over 200,000 students, partnering with institutions, families, parents, and students to teach the good use of power by empowering voice, compassion toward others, and inclusivity.

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center logo

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center

Founded in 2006, PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center actively leads social change to prevent childhood bullying, so that all youth are safe and supported in their schools, communities and online. PACER provides innovative resources for students, parents, educators, and others, and recognizes bullying as a serious community issue that impacts education, physical and emotional health, and the safety and well-being of students.

The BULLY Project logo

The BULLY Project

The BULLY Project is a full spectrum advocacy campaign inspired by the award winning film BULLY. Powered by partnership, we build will and capacity for social and emotional learning practices as the key to creating safer schools and improving educational outcomes for all. The film Bully has screened to 4 million kids and educators all over the world. Not only is the film a powerful and important catalyst for change, The BULLY Project website, social media channels and tools reach over 13 million people a week and are essential go-to resources for thousands of individuals seeking to create a culture of kindness.

The Trevor Project logo

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning) young people. The organization works to save young lives by providing support through free and confidential suicide prevention and crisis intervention programs on platforms where young people spend their time: our 24/7 phone lifeline, chat, text and soon-to-come integrations with social media platforms. We also run TrevorSpace, the world’s largest safe space social networking site for LGBTQ youth, and operate innovative education, research, and advocacy programs.

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